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A loft conversion can add a great deal of variety to your home. Creating a new room could mean a new lease of life. We can design your loft conversion to be just anything from a spare bedroom to a room for the whole family. Creating more space for yourself is an ideal way for improving your home.
Not only do we offer the creation of your loft conversion, but also the ability to offer you first interior design. Our team incorporates interior designers and decorators to ensure the easiest options are possible for you when turning your new space into part of your home.
We offer a free home survey to help you judge the best possible solution for your work. As well as this, we also support you in gaining approval with planning application.
We have experience in undertaking all types of extensions and conversions including loft, basement & garage conversions. GLS Building contractors can deal with the project from start to finish. We are happy to work with an architect of your choice or we can invite our known and trusted architects.
If you are unsure of how best to use your space, or what exactly you hope to achieve with your refurbishment, our in-house design expert can help you work through your requirements and suitable materials to come up with a design that is realistic, affordable and suited to your personal tastes. Examples of his work are in our ‘design images’ gallery.
Whether you require an exterior overhaul of a building, minor maintenance works, or an interior refurbishment to make your home feel like new, you can rest assured of our best attention to your project at all times. Newman & Higgins operate a policy of 100% customer satisfaction and undertake never to leave a client unhappy with any aspect of a project, whether large or small.
enhancing your property so it is a place to take pleasure from; it is not about simply turning a fast buck along with some profit on top”.
“There is no point improving your home just before you sell. You might as well do the work straightaway if you can and get the benefit out of it yourself,” he says.